Thursday, 31 January 2008

One more to add to the pile

Well, talk of the devil and he shall appear. Had another big brown envelope this morning. You know what it means before you open it, but there is always that irrational hope that they have run out of the nice little white envelopes they use to ask for the rest of your mss and have had to use yours.
I left it till last to open in the hope something magical is happening inside while I read the other post, Readers Digest draw for someone who lived in my house years ago, water bill final demand. Oh what the hell, am I bovvered, all par for the course, and all great writers have a mile high stack of rejection slips to look back at and laugh over don't they?
This time it's a standard letter with the title and my details written in ink in the spaces left in the text, on top of my pristine first three chapters. Did they read it all through I wonder?
Hey ho, it's not the end of the world at least I love it. Doesn't a mother love even the ugliest child she has produced!