Friday, 25 April 2008

Sister with hidden talent

My sister has been hiding her light under a bushel, well in her loft really, but that doesn't have quite the same impact. I had no idea she had such a treasure trove of beautiful glass, vases, pots and many other things that she has painted. She lives in America, and I haven't seen any of it, nor indeed did I know about it.

I knew she could paint, as she did a beautiful painting for her GCE, but this. She has goldmine in her hands and I am going to help prospect it! I am going to help her sell her art. It's such a shame for beautiful objects to be hiding away from view. It won't be without its difficulties given the distances involved but we will manage.

No I am not bored, as I have plenty of writing to be keeping myself busy until the Grim Reaper shakes his scythe at me. It is just so nice to be able to tell someone how genuinely good their work is, in any field, and to encourage them to go on doing something they love. Besides we have to shift it, or she will have to move to a bigger house!

I have had a big thumbs up from my Dad and my sister, which is quite something, as a qualified teacher he would not give false praise, and a lovely comment from an Australian and an American too. So at present there aren't enough hours in the day/night, jeeze this is full of clich├ęs, but busy is happy, and I am that.

So all you writers and artists, or whatever you do in life, keep at it and... Be Happy. That's a title of another of my books, but that's another story. Ouch!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

A new book to add to my collection

I have just managed to get hold of The Dean Koontz Companion! It has an in depth interview with him, his first published short story, and a complete annotated guide to all his novels up to 1994, when the book was published. Best of all, there are a couple of chapters about writing too. Well worth a read if you can get a copy.

I had a brilliant review from one of the members of YouWriteOn for my book about Lottie today. The feeling I get isn't one of, 'I'm a great and it's about time someone noticed.' It's a tingly thrill and pep to keep writing, as maybe it's working.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Sweet and Sour

Yesterday my day started perfectly.  I had an email from the agent who requested my book on cd informing me that it had arrived safely.  It was a relief as I hadn't posted it registered, having read in various sources that it is not the done thing.  He will give me a reply within four weeks. 

I am hoping he has overlooked my senior moment, as, in my haste to get it on disc and off in the post, I had forgotten to write an accompanying letter to pop in.  With the pressure of the imminent closure of the Post Office, I hastily ran off a short letter.  Happy with the fact that I had made the PO deadline, I set about occupying myself with various activities to keep my mind off it.  Then quelle horreur!!  My hubby noticed I had written the title wrong in the letter!  I wrote forest, instead of pool.   Heaven only knows where that came from, as I have never even considered the word in my long search for the right title.  Hubby tells me not to be so paranoid, and that it won't matter.  It doesn't stop me from feeling an incompetent idiot.Nerd

Well, back to yesterday.  I had a nice parcel in the post, my pressure cooker.  What fun, now I can make the stews I love, where even the toughest bit of beef is perfectly tender.  I can also make marmalade, and ensure all the peel is tender, and won't be scraped to one side by any of my sprogs.

Then, a phone call, some very sad news.  I will not go into personal family details on here though.

I hope you check out my new website. I haven't quite finished adding content yet, and it is live immediately!  I am not a computer whizz, but I'll give anything a try.  Anyone is free to email me with advice on the content, layout etc.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Words of wisdom from Stephen King in The Washington Post

I just found an article by Stephen King today. Although the date is 1st October 2006, it is timeless. I thought I would pop the link on and share it with whoever is interested in the man, his work and writing. Sound pearls of wisdom from the King! Good picture on there too. No, I am not an old groupie, it's just a good shot!

I have removed the url and popped it on my list of favourite websites. Now you only have to click on it.

Friday, 4 April 2008

What an amazing week!

I have had such an amazing week. First of all, one of my daughters found my sister and family, who we lost contact with over six years ago. She found them on Facebook, so I guess it does have its uses. I am delighted they are all alive and well, and as you can imagine there has been much to talk about. Some very happy events, like the birth of two beautiful babies to my Niece. A little brother and sister for my handsome Great Nephew, and a couple of adorable puppies that my sister's dog produced. There was also the awful sadness of telling them about my son's death. They all live 3884.47 miles away in Chicago, and I can't wait to see them all again.

Then the next exciting thing to happen was an email from an agent that I had sent my book about Lottie to, asking for the whole book on a cd! I know it doesn't mean it's time to get the champers out yet, but oh boy it's such a thrill. Even if he decides against it, it's a big step up from total rejection, and it gives me hope.

And I bought another copy of Stephen King's On Writing, (my bible) that I found on eBay, while my other copy is lazing about in a box in Charlottetown, Canada. Oh, and an old pressure cooker with the three baskets, much better than the modern version. (Little things...!)

So all in all, it's been a grand week. Now all I have to do, is try and distract myself from worrying about whether or not the book I gave birth to in a truck in Maine, will be printed on paper other than my 80gsm A4!!!