Friday, 4 April 2008

What an amazing week!

I have had such an amazing week. First of all, one of my daughters found my sister and family, who we lost contact with over six years ago. She found them on Facebook, so I guess it does have its uses. I am delighted they are all alive and well, and as you can imagine there has been much to talk about. Some very happy events, like the birth of two beautiful babies to my Niece. A little brother and sister for my handsome Great Nephew, and a couple of adorable puppies that my sister's dog produced. There was also the awful sadness of telling them about my son's death. They all live 3884.47 miles away in Chicago, and I can't wait to see them all again.

Then the next exciting thing to happen was an email from an agent that I had sent my book about Lottie to, asking for the whole book on a cd! I know it doesn't mean it's time to get the champers out yet, but oh boy it's such a thrill. Even if he decides against it, it's a big step up from total rejection, and it gives me hope.

And I bought another copy of Stephen King's On Writing, (my bible) that I found on eBay, while my other copy is lazing about in a box in Charlottetown, Canada. Oh, and an old pressure cooker with the three baskets, much better than the modern version. (Little things...!)

So all in all, it's been a grand week. Now all I have to do, is try and distract myself from worrying about whether or not the book I gave birth to in a truck in Maine, will be printed on paper other than my 80gsm A4!!!

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