Thursday, 10 April 2008

Sweet and Sour

Yesterday my day started perfectly.  I had an email from the agent who requested my book on cd informing me that it had arrived safely.  It was a relief as I hadn't posted it registered, having read in various sources that it is not the done thing.  He will give me a reply within four weeks. 

I am hoping he has overlooked my senior moment, as, in my haste to get it on disc and off in the post, I had forgotten to write an accompanying letter to pop in.  With the pressure of the imminent closure of the Post Office, I hastily ran off a short letter.  Happy with the fact that I had made the PO deadline, I set about occupying myself with various activities to keep my mind off it.  Then quelle horreur!!  My hubby noticed I had written the title wrong in the letter!  I wrote forest, instead of pool.   Heaven only knows where that came from, as I have never even considered the word in my long search for the right title.  Hubby tells me not to be so paranoid, and that it won't matter.  It doesn't stop me from feeling an incompetent idiot.Nerd

Well, back to yesterday.  I had a nice parcel in the post, my pressure cooker.  What fun, now I can make the stews I love, where even the toughest bit of beef is perfectly tender.  I can also make marmalade, and ensure all the peel is tender, and won't be scraped to one side by any of my sprogs.

Then, a phone call, some very sad news.  I will not go into personal family details on here though.

I hope you check out my new website. I haven't quite finished adding content yet, and it is live immediately!  I am not a computer whizz, but I'll give anything a try.  Anyone is free to email me with advice on the content, layout etc.

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