Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Writers Beware

I am so glad that I have regularly backed up all my precious files, including sending copies of my work to myself and my husband in emails, as my hard drive is on the blink.

I have already had to replace my husband's hard drive after it expired, and although this was before we went to Canada, I can still remember how it started to behave before it finally popped its clogs. Even though I still have 40% of space and have used the defragmenter, it keeps jamming and running slow. The screen didn't work this morning and panic set in, but I managed to sort it out – for now – and have bought a new one from the Bay.

Although most of us now couldn't be without our computers, and the time they save, there is something to be said for the good old typewriter. So back up everything, no matter what, you never know when disaster may strike. Whether it be a deceased hard drive, a stolen laptop, a flood or a fire, you just never know when lightening will strike.

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