Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Writing Interrupted By Earthquake!

Well that was a bit of excitement, wasn't it? Are there any other writers out there who write at night and felt it?

It was a bit like being in the Exorcist, as my bed shook, and if the house hadn't been having a noisy shimmy at the same time, I would have suspected Old Nick himself.

Although somewhat unsettling at first, I found it quite exciting, as I have always said I wanted to be in an earthquake. My passion for Geology began when I was studying the Earth Sciences section of my Science Foundation course with the Open University, so much so, that I went on to take a degree in Geology at the University of Bristol. Sadly due to personal problems I couldn't finish the course, but still have a passion for it.

The Earth is such a fascinating thing, and when you think that nearly every thing you see, or have, has been through the rock cycle. Even Flora and Fauna rely on the minerals in the soil for life. It is so powerful, that man will never be able to control it. It makes me laugh when I see such things as helicopters dumping water on a lava flow.

When you consider that the quake we had in the early hours of this morning, was more powerful than the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, and was quite small in the scheme of things, it certainly makes you, well me anyway, full of respect for such power. We may well obliterate the life on this magnificent planet, but we will never tame it.


Leesa said...

I was in an earthquake once - scared me to death. I was crouching down under a table and I was lifted a couple of feet in the air.

Gwenda, said...

Hello Leesa

Thank you for your comment. My first one! At least I know at least one person has seen my blog. I was beginning to get that sole survivor feeling. Still, all par for the course.

It must have been very scary to be lifted in the air. Had to be a lot stronger than the ones we get here.