Thursday, 5 March 2009

My Children's book is out!!! Yabba Dabba Dooo...

Happy Days!!!

Just when you don't expect it, my book popped up on Amazon yesterday, while my husband was doing a quick search, after it not appearing in the usual list.

It's everywhere now. All over the world. It's hard to take in and a great feeling.

The cover by my daughter Emma Hogan (BA-Animation) looks absolutely terrific. Thank you sweetheartxxx

Thank you so much Ted and all at Legend for all your hard work.

And a big thank you to my husband, Bill for his contribution, my sister, Tricia Tvrdik in Chicago for hours of editing on two of my books and my 'English teacher'/friend for edificating me and giving up a great deal of her own writing time. I know you wish to remain anonymous!

Big thanks as well to the numerous writers/members of for all your reviews and help since. It really helped transform it into a proper book.

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carole said...

Hi Gwenda,

Delighted to see your chidren's book out at last. The cover looks terrific. I know just how you feel to see your own creation up there among the others. Well done Gwenda,

Good luck with your sales,
(from Ferryman)